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Brandt Fredriksen, the pianist, puts enormous talent on display here. Mr. Fredriksen plays Piazzolla, as well as snippets of Bach, Stravinsky, Ellington and Bartok, with rhythmic energy and masterful technique.

-Discover Hollywood Magazine

Fredriksen’s dynamism, from muted snippets of Bach, to an absolutely chilling, emotionally depleted, mostly-solo take of Soledad, to the leaps and bounds of Michelangelo 70, ranges from flash to poignancy.

-New York Music Daily

…truly natural, rich and fluent dexterity with a sophisticated technique…

We left with a feeling of “catharsis”, a deep calm joy, such as only the touch of Art can offer.

-Thessaloniki News

In addition to his mastery of nuevo tango‘s lush techniques, Fredriksen showed off his classical mastery with snatches of music by composers who influenced Piazzolla: Bach, Mozart, Gershwin and Bartók.

The music, played by a quartet led by pianist Brandt Fredriksen, is stunning…

-Blog Critics

…In fact, the genius of the three players was as intensive, virtuosic and original as any chamber group in New York. For this, credit must first go to pianist/music director Brandt Fredriksen…

… transports listeners to a soul-filled realm of Nirvana.

-Manhattan Digest

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